A downloadable space adventure for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Surf the space highway! To the end of the galaxy and beyond! How far will you get? Remember to eat that yummy cosmo-krill to keep your energy up!


  • Gamepad:
    • A-Button to Start, Stick/D-Pad to Steer (varies between gamepad types)
  • Keyboard:
    • Enter/Space to Start, WASD/Arrows to Steer.
  • Mouse:
    • Left Click to Start, Move to Steer.

Entry for #dragonjam

Code: @Blue_Jackalope
Audio: @ChelWongAudio
Art: @plasmastarfish#9054

Note: The browser version needs to be in Fullscreen Mode and Mouse control is recommended. If you have performance issues, please, download the respective version for your PC. Thanks for your understanding.


Windows 64 bit 20 MB
Windows 32 bit 18 MB
Linux 36 MB
Mac OS 34 MB


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This is a reminder that you SHOULD DOWNLOAD for a MUCH BETTER EXPERIENCE 

I love the way the whale looks in this


¡Es una pasada! Los gráficos me parecen súper monos, y aunque pierdo con facilidad me lo estoy pasando como una enana, jajaja.

¡Genial juego!

¡Mil gracias! :D


Nice work!  like the graphich style too! :)

The music is great >=D

It's okay ;)


Love it! fun idea, simple and addictive gameplay, appealing audio and graphics.