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Use your dumpster martial skills to fend off flying trash bags! Help your tribe with your nunch-"can"-ku mastery to get some of that yummy pizza!

Game idea by @Pache_Riggs
Music by the awesome @ChelWongAudio


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Windows 64 bit 14 MB
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Linux 30 MB
Mac OS X 16 MB


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Ok this game is very cool and I'm supporting it!

Some advice's to improve it.

1- You can add a difficulty level like Easy, Normal, Hard maybe Extreme. The players that like the game at some point would like to start with another kind of difficulty, this I think it's important for the difficulty curve.

2- When playing in windows I choose the full screen option and to quit the game I had  to press the windows button and then the arrow to leave the game. If you add the option to quit the game all players will be happy.

This is a nice game and I hope you're going to do some mobile version of it.

Cool pixel art simple and cartoon.

Nice job ! 

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OMG here I am thinking all these games I tried recently lacked an exit feature and I forgot to put one. ( ._.) I feel so ashamed...

I plan on updating the game later, and a mobile build is on it's way! I'm not sure about the difficulty levels, since this game is supposed to be a plainly frustrating challenge, but, who knows? I'll give some thought to your suggestion.

I'm really grateful for your advice. //( =^ェ^꞊) Thank you very much, and have a nice day!

Oh, by the way, do you use Discord? There's an AWESOME server for game developers called GDN. You should come take a look here. \( =ºェº꞊)/ I think you'll have a blast!

Going to test this game tomorrow! By the way how did you use this text font in here? Didn't know we can change it.

Nice! I look forward to it! //( =>wo꞊)b

Regarding the text font, if you enter the page of a game you've published, you should see a "Edit Theme" button at the top. There, you can select another font for the page.

Thank's tomorrow I will play your game and give you feedback! The theme seems fun!