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Use your dumpster martial skills to fend off flying trash bags! Help your tribe with your nunch-"can"-ku mastery to get some of that yummy pizza!

Game inspired by an idea from @Pache_Riggs
Music by the awesome @pengwndude

The base idea was an almost impossible reaction test that lasts one minute, in which you must avoid things that "kill" you.
So that's the goal of the game! And since he likes raccoons so much...


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Windows 64bits 14 MB
Windows 32bits 11 MB
Linux 30 MB
Mac OS X 16 MB


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Ok this game is very cool and I'm supporting it!

Some advice's to improve it.

1- You can add a difficulty level like Easy, Normal, Hard maybe Extreme. The players that like the game at some point would like to start with another kind of difficulty, this I think it's important for the difficulty curve.

2- When playing in windows I choose the full screen option and to quit the game I had  to press the windows button and then the arrow to leave the game. If you add the option to quit the game all players will be happy.

This is a nice game and I hope you're going to do some mobile version of it.

Cool pixel art simple and cartoon.

Nice job ! 

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OMG here I am thinking all these games I tried recently lacked an exit feature and I forgot to put one. ( ._.) I feel so ashamed...

I plan on updating the game later, and a mobile build is on it's way! I'm not sure about the difficulty levels, since this game is supposed to be a plainly frustrating challenge, but, who knows? I'll give some thought to your suggestion.

I'm really grateful for your advice. //( =^ェ^꞊) Thank you very much, and have a nice day!

Oh, by the way, do you use Discord? There's an AWESOME server for game developers called GDN. You should come take a look here. \( =ºェº꞊)/ I think you'll have a blast!

Going to test this game tomorrow! By the way how did you use this text font in here? Didn't know we can change it.

Nice! I look forward to it! //( =>wo꞊)b

Regarding the text font, if you enter the page of a game you've published, you should see a "Edit Theme" button at the top. There, you can select another font for the page.

Thank's tomorrow I will play your game and give you feedback! The theme seems fun!