A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

26 April: Good news! :D GlitchBox is available for Android devices!


GlitchBox is a First-Person Platforming game whose main goal is to run and jump in order to get on the checkered box, and so complete the level.

Sounds simple? Not a challenge? Well, the game ain't gonna go easy on you, pal. If you stay quiet too much, you fall. If you move too quickly, you fall. If you move and jump at random... maybe you win? Who kno- Oops! The game just got harder!

How many times will you achieve your goal until your untimely decline to the void of the glitches?

Controls are simple:

WASD to move, Space to Jump, Mouse to Look around, ESC to ragequit (u mad?).

I'm planning on adding more features to it, so don't be shy! I'm open to suggestions! :D

It's my first game on Unity, and very proud of it (just 25h. of production to make it playable enough).

Also, I'm not able to test Linux & Mac at the moment. If you should run into any problems, I can't be of much help, but I'll get better at it with time! ( >o<)9

Install instructions

To get the game, click on the link corresponding to your system, then unzip the file. It's a standalone, so you can play on the go.

For Windows: Double-click on the executable (.exe) file.

For Linux & Mac: Don't know for the moment, sorry for the nuissance. ( ._.)" If you know (or discover) how to do it, tell me so I can tell others. :)


WASD to move

Space to Jump

Mouse to Look around

ESC to Quit


Windows_x86.zip 42 MB
Windows_x86_x64.zip 42 MB
Linux_Universal.zip 24 MB
MacOSX_Universal.zip 23 MB

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