A downloadable Monster's Home for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Unwanted Guest

    "Home" means a place where one can feel safe, protected, a place you can share with your loved ones. What exactly makes one feel "at home" depends on the person you ask, though.
    For example, if you ask the local carnivorous desert sandworm, its ideal home would be a nice, warm, dark, twisty underground maze. The shade protects you from the scorching sun, there's enough room for the family to bump into each other from time to time but not too much... ah... the ideal sandworm life.

   Unluckily for you, you're DEFINITELY NOT a sandworm.
    You're instead one of the many creatures who falls more often than not into one of those bug awful pits. Even worse, you left your tools on the outside! At least you got two pairs of strong arms to climb... Will it be enough to escape from this welcoming home?


  • Mouse to look around
  • WASD or Arrow Keys to move and climb walls
  • Hold E or Left-Click to focus your bioluminiscence
  • Press F or Right-Click to switch biolocation mode
  • Press ESC to exit.


  • You can climb ANY wall (slopes can be jerks, though)
  • Look up for the exit (like, literally up, the exit is above you)
  • Bioluminiscence will help you see, but it'll help sandworms see you too!
  • Biolocation covers you in darkness, so you'll be practically invisible
  • (Sandworms can still bump into you, so watch out)
  • Biolocation lets you perceive more than living beings...
  • Light and biolocation are not your only available senses (headphones recommended)


  • Source Code (as in, the Unity3D project folder) is available. It was made in 48 hours for a jam, so expect a messy mess with random commentaries here and there.
  • If you'd like a bigger or smaller challenge and have Unity3D, you can edit the Demiurge properties to change the size of the level and number of neighbours
  • Don't worry if you don't have Unity3D, though! I'm planning on expanding this universe/story, and later entries will include full customizable levels!
  • Have fun!


Windows Version 17 MB
Linux Version (not tested) 20 MB
Mac OS X Version (not tested) 19 MB
Unity Project Folder 63 MB

Install instructions

1. Decompress the entire file as is
2. Enjoy!